Hello everyone, we’re sorry our upgrade has taken more time than expected. The delay is as a result of errors in data collection, on that note we will have to re-initiate a new contract. And that will require all old users to reinvest if so wish. Hence, we will be doing a refund of all balances to their respective wallet addresses.

Find below a form, please input your wallet addresses into it. We will check with the smart contract to ascertain your balance and as well send it into your wallet address. When the new app is live, you will be notified to continue, if you so wish to. Thank you for choosing SmartChain.

Thank you.

SmartChain Team

Refund Progress – Please find proof of refunds below. Refund are processed in batches of uplines. Be patient, keep in touch with your upline. DO NOT PANIC!

Wallet AddressTX Hash
Note the verification process will take a while so the refund process wont be instant kindly bear with us